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Posted by Rotem Mor on April 14, 1998 at 00:50:20:

In Reply to: Yet another official response posted by Nimrod on April 09, 1998 at 17:07:31:

: : Pot is the best and only drug that anyone should use!
: : It doesn't cause hangovers! It cures you of stomach aches 90% of the time. It doesn't cause flashbacks! It doesn't cause permanent brain damage, and it makes sex and eating better to enjoy!

: This is your PRIVATE opinion, and you're entitled to have one.
: For those who don't know this already, Legalize! (not only the Israeli branch), does NOT have an opinion about ANY drug.
: This meas that if tomorrow they find out something terrible about grass, we'll still have the same opinion.
: which are:
: - War is bad.
: - Drugs are "no comment".
ok well ,
i'm not sure if this is
just cause i'm personaly ignorent or what.
It's just that i have a certain problem with it all.
I mean , it's very hard for me to know what you guys
stand for. I men i know the basic line'oput the drugs into
government hands'(not necessarily a good idea)
but i have no idea of any action plan , or some kinda
detailed plan or anything.And since you guys are all
talkin' about becomin' political i think
i should be at least be dealt that much.Though it
aint necessarily necessary for politics as many biger partys
have shown...
nevertheless , i think an action
plan down to the smaller detalis should be available
cause i'm pretty sure that i'm not the only
one baffeled.
Rotem Mor

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