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Posted by Momo April 17, 1998 at 14:03:37:

In Reply to: Re: Yet another official response posted by Rotem Mor on April 14, 1998 at 00:50:20:

I'm not a Legalize member, just a passerby.
But anyway...

: I mean , it's very hard for me to know what you guys
: stand for.

They stand for LEGALIZATION.

:I men i know the basic line'oput the drugs into
: government hands'(not necessarily a good idea)
: but i have no idea of any action plan , or some kinda
: detailed plan or anything.

You mean "what is to be done"...
The actions that are needed are in the domain of public opinion.
We should strive to disseminate these ideas:

- the war against drug is harmful and stupid
- drugs are not always totally wrong (medical uses)
- there is a global shift of policy

Since we would like to enlist straight people into this activity,
and this is more possible than many realize,
avoid discussing the merits of this or that drug.
Remember that cancer patients are with you on this fight
and they don't care so much about the psychedelic aspect.

Make those ideas travel in society,
by discussing them with people you know
(regardless if they are using drugs or not)

Apart from that, there is organized activity.
That is all you can do. But it counts!

Of course, in case your question was directed to "what we would like the gov to do":
here are some independent ideas for intermediate, immediate measures:
- immediately provide correct info on drugs
- allow medical supervision of quality of street drugs
- immediately stop harassment of youth culture
- immediately stop arresting drug offenders before trial
- allow medical use of drugs for terminal patients
- lower the punishment for drug offenses


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