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Posted by Ian David on April 25, 1998 at 05:54:35:

We got a lot in common, don't you think brother? lets us know!
We got your link from Church of the Universe.
We know you more than you can know us for sure, but if you wanna be nice as we thought about you, please take the time to read what we got especially for people like you, it's a lifetime work, (9 french + 4 english books) it is a big rush on every one of them. We get a lot of informations about hemp in both language french and english, slipped inside of our trial.

Wanna check up our homepage to know more about the whole thing?
Get the english version by entering from TIME LOVES A HERO, to transfer zip files.
Lord Jesus bless you my friend.
Ian, Esther and our 8 kids.

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