Censorship is a crime

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Posted by Unknown Soulja on May 18, 1998 at 16:04:09:

Like the rest of you i suppose,
I was surprised not to see the article on the trance in israel
on channel 1 which was supposed to be on friday.
As usual, i opened todays newspaper and after reading about
all nuclear tests,unemployment and indonesia riots.
I found a small article about how channel one censored
an article on the israeli trance culture. according to the
article, channel 1 has edited the article so much, the maker of the article
went to court to forbid channel 1 to show the article.
according to the maker of the article, the reason they edited out most of the
article was because channel 1 probably freaked out cause the article
had subjects related to legalization of drugs in it.
The fact is, channel one censored legalize!.
Maybe because they were afraid that the govermant which writes channel one's wokers
paychecks wouldn't be very happy with the article. so the demolished freedom of speech.
the people who got hurt from the whole situation is YOU and ME, the people who goes to
parties and/or support legalize! and its actions.
they did it once, and they'll do it again. dont stand silent. ACT!,
write letters to the people at channel one and "yoman", demand apologies. show that you care.

until next time, goodbye
Unknown Soulja

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