A closer look at the drugs culture

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Posted by Unknown Soulja on May 21, 1998 at 16:18:37:

On thursday, may 21th. on yedioth's 24hours newspaper,
pages 10-11 there's a big article on the drugs culture in israel.
In the article, which was writen by doron meiri, a group of the reporter himself,
a photographer and a guy who just got out of prison aliased martin, are driving in
a fake cab through lod's drugs center.
There are several parts in the story, which show's how the polics in israel
is incapable of controling and eliminating the drug problems in israel.
"the police raids this area alot, but it doesnt help since a few hours later everything
gets back to normal." sais an officer in drugs division.
"the drug dealers are just like cats, they vanish in time of danger and no matter of far you throw them, they land on their feets" he adds.
now i would like to remind you that those are the people who's supposed to clean the country of drugs !
in another part, martin is telling about the level of life as a drug dealer,
"where i worked...there was everything, shower,bathroom,tv,plenty of food and ciggarets...once in 36 hours one of the bosses came to take the money.
some times i had more then $250,000 in my hands...
those drug dealers are very wealthy, the drive around in their fancy cars,with their fancy clothes and lots of jewels."
This shows, that whatever the police is doing, it sure isnt helping.
"whatever happens, i'm never getting back to drugs" says martin at the end.
Help him! make drugs legal!

Goodbye all,
Unknown Soulja

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