a democracy?

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Posted by thomas May 25, 1998 at 02:14:32:

dont make me lough...
if the supreme court of israel rules against drugless
festival, than israel isn`t a democracy because if it
was one - it would allow people to make
an honest living. what the hell is the difrrence between
a trance festival and a rock/dance festival? is it all
about the music? asher haviv wants to earn money in
a legal way but he cant - because the police managed
to convince the high court that a trance festival is a
place where drugs are being sold. instead of fighting drug
dealers, the police decided its best to just cancel the whole thing.
much easier i admitt, if you dismiss the most important
basic right all humans are born with:
the freedom of speach, which leads to all other rights.
one of them, the right for artistic freedom, should allow
me to listen to what ever i feel like - trance aswell.
but not in israel, who calls itself a democracy.
i saw so many people in last year`s summer festivals
and i beleive a change can only come from those people.
if we just sit and do nothing about it, than the war is
over before it ever began, and the police has won.
wake up!!!

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