Israel , And the patern it follows in drug policy

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Posted by Rotem Mor on May 30, 1998 at 22:59:29:

Channel 8 showed a two(or so) hour piece on the global
drug situation today . It showed the diffrent aproaches taken by diffrent governments
to the issue . Drugs are no diffrent than other social problems such
as poverty or racecism . The fact of whitch makes our situation
in israel look bleak . For a country that has put very little effort into
the vast poverty(other then tellin' the poor they're fucked) dealing
with a drug problem seems a little big . Especialy when u consider
that poverty has been around for all of our 50yr existence
and the (quickly growing)drug problem is quite recent.
same goes for racism , which is growing quite rapidly(though
recieves a little more attention) . The drug problem is no better(actualy much worse) in
the 'succesful'american (evil) Emopire which we so hard try to
emolate . And whose voiciest drug war supporter is a big fan of our
hummble nation . The americans would rather have millions of
their citizans robing , lying and DYING then admitt they
have failed in their much heralded drug war. There is little chance that
a country like ours will start handing out needeles and
practicing 'harm reduction' . U don't have to look hard to find evidence of that.
Just ask any highschool student about the issue and u'll find
total lack of knowledge(of no fault of their own) . U know things are bad
when the police doesn't know the proper name for "grass"....
So pesimisticly , i sign off...

**by the way , channel 8 should be somehow thanked
for the informing documentry , and it should be shown
at legalize meetings

till then,
Rotem Mor

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