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Posted by Unknown Soulja on June 08, 1998 at 14:03:43:

(NOTE: this document was writen by Unknown Soulja
and published on the lgalize message board, yet has no other relation
to legalize, and does not reflect their toughts.)

Throughout the past few years of my life i feared a great tyranny
a country who demolish any basic freedom rights a humen might have,
a country which will kill and has killed people who dare and stand up against,
that great tyranny, The United States of America.

I belived and still do, that the only way to win the battle against the
massive dipotism rulled in that country is to educate myself and the others,
not to stay silent. I always said that "if ignorance is bliss - then wipe the smile
off my face".

Ofcourse i knew that the current drug policy the united states, and most of
the world, is related to that tyranny.
They rather have you sitting in a dirty house shooting up heroin or sitting in
a bar and drinking beer.
they wouldnt want you to be asking questions they dont want to answer.

To my great sadness, in the last days,
i found out that the situation in the very own country we live in
is as bad and even worst.

if the supreme court, denies ours, mine and yours right to SPEAK
the ask those question they dont want to answer, the freedom of speech,
and any other figure freedom might have, is THROWN OUT TO THE GARBAGE.
In the other case when they dont let a human being to make a living
by orginizing a party, JUST drugs are (non-truely) belived to be sold or used
in such parties.
The very own structure of democrisy is being shaken and destroyed.

Yes, it might start with them , first only shutting the "junkies" up,
but sooner or later, they will come for anyone else who stand in their ways
its only a matter of time until our country will start a COINTELPRO
(search the net if you dont know what is it) of their own.

Its time my friends, time for DEFINACE. we've been numb for a long long time
the situation DEMAND that YOU will take action. so WE wouldnt suffer.
I'm calling all of you again, please ACT, dont just come to one demonstration
and then go home, send letter, ask questions, speak out. and as importent, EDUCATE YOURSELF.

Depressed and ANGRY,
Unknown Soulja

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