The ignorent armies have descended

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Posted by Rotem Mor on June 13, 1998 at 00:02:16:

In Reply to: Freedom? yeah right! posted by Unknown Soulja on June 08, 1998 at 14:03:43:

: (NOTE: this document was writen by Unknown Soulja
: and published on the lgalize message board, yet has no other relation
: to legalize, and does not reflect their toughts.)

: Throughout the past few years of my life i feared a great tyranny
: a country who demolish any basic freedom rights a humen might have,
: a country which will kill and has killed people who dare and stand up against,
: that great tyranny, The United States of America.

: (The disclamer stands)

what is this education that is so stresed in our 'noble' "western"
The way i see it this education is the most parodoxicale ,
hipocritical of things.
we are educated towards ignorence.
I.E the drug education: a kid , havin' gone through a traditional israely
education(12 grades at a descent school) , which by the way is almost only aplicable to
the more economicly gifted , knows only that drugs are "bad".
an educational level that low has the imposible task of makin'
an educated choice concerning drugs.
and no wonder many make that all so fatal descision.
moreover , the only reson O.N.L.Y that drugs are not a big problem
in israel is their low availability(and that is changing fast).
Cause as we know , with a growing poverty problem comes a growing
drug problem.
The training of the ignorent army can also be seen in our 'advanced' political awareness.
as oposed to other developed countries where there is no political awareness , due to
our tenious situation some political awareness is almost an imposible thing
to not posses. But , observing the 'hightened" political awareness in this country can
make you quite sick.
Exactly a politicians dream , an army of blind masses.
the('complicated) system whith which it works goes like this:
u'r parants vote one way-u vote one way
u'r reprisentitive(party leader , chaver kneset etc...) says something- u support it
Add to that the extreeme shalowness of political beliefs and
the zero knowledge, or care , for international events and
u have a person with a robot opinion totaly controles
by the puppet masters around him.

it's good to be like the americans...

Till you wake up,
Rotem Mor

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