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Posted by Spiral June 20, 1998 at 03:06:51:

As written before in this forum, I think it is very
important to show public resistance to what is
hapening with the Trance scene, today,
It is also important to support MP Dedi Zucker for
his support in us.
A good way of doing this is writing as many letters
as we can to newspapers` editorial boards.
Remember that such letter is not just another
letter in favour or against any other issue.
Showing public response will move us from a status of
criminals to a status of a public with its own demands.
here are few addresses that you can send your letters
Yedioth Achronot:
e-mail : 7days@yedioth.co.il
postal add.:Michtavim Lama`arechet
P.B. 9499
61094 Tel Aviv
Ma`ariv: fax #: 03-5610614
postal add. Michtavim
2, Karliebach St.
67132 Tel Aviv
e-mail: www.haaretz.co.il/daily/email.htm
fax #: 03-5121236 (musaf)
fax #: 03-6810012 (daily)

Another good way is to show your protest
on on-line forums such as walla:

Find out about local and other papers addresses

Love & Peace

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