Sucking up?

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Posted by Nimrod on June 28, 1998 at 09:58:16:

In Reply to: Re: (!ךורא) בצמה לע תובשחמ המכ posted by Rotem Mor on June 22, 1998 at 23:04:09:

: firstly , the obvious. as excited as it is having a politician backing our cause
: one must consider his motives.
It's important to know them and you don't even have to guess here:
I was on a radio show (Gideon Reicher) and Tzucker called ESPECIALLY to say he didn't have anything to do with legalization of drugs.
Motives? He wants voters. Just like us. People heard him at parties ask people:
Q: Who do you vote for?
A: Nobody
Q: And your parents?
A: Shas

100,000 [high] floationg votes. count them.
Now don't get me wrong. We want more or less the same thing (people to support us). There are only 2 differences between us and existing political parties.
1) They already exist and have budgets and supporters
2) We have to confront 60 years of propaganda and people think we "must be drug-dealers or something".

So you have to admit that if I get beaten up it's NOT news, but if Tzucker argues with a policeman it IS.
I'm not bitter here. Any news editor would agree with the sentence above. This is why I'm glad the Abramov thing happened and even if they want to "separate between drug-related problems and trance-related ones" I don't care. For a week, every major newspaper had at least one trance-related article EVERY DAY, and this trend keeps going and SHOULD keep going at least until the 9/7 demonsration.
The 9/7 demonstration - again - has nothing to do with us, but why worry? We're not looking for voters [yet]. If somebody takes care of the trance scene, Cool. At least we'll have places to dance on Friday nights. A good cause IS a good cause.

Now back to legalization of drugs. Being an organization with much less money and recognition than Meretz, we have to rely on people.
This is why Momo said:
: יוניש אלא יתקוח יוניש וניא וילא סחיתמ ינאש יונישה
: תושרהו הרטשמה ,תוטילקרפהש תיתימא תורשפא הנשי - ימוימוי
: .ללכב םימסה לש ץעהמ תדרל וסני םהש םיטוידיא ךכ לכ ושיגרי
: ,םיטפשמהו םירצעמה תומכב יתועמשמ הנטקהל ןווכתמ ינא
: הרעה ףא ילואו ,תוביסמה רעונ ירחא םיכחוגמה םיפדרמהו
: העיגרו ,םיביצקת תנטקה ,ידמ רתוי םילדתשמש תונחת ידקפמל
: רבדל ךירצ (ה/תא ןכ) ה/תא הרקי הזש ידכ .םיקסע יושיר חטשב
: המ ששגל ,הדובעו החפשמ ללוכ הזו ,ה/ריכמ ה/תאש דחא לכ םע
: תולאשל לוקש הנעמ תתל ,תושרה לש רידשתה לע םיבשוח םה
: יוניש היהי אל .תרחא העדל הכימת תתלו ,תוררועתמה תויתימאה
: .הכימת אלל םימס יאשונב תועיד לש

And "sucking up to the media" once in a while won't hurt either ;-)

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