A Dangerous Mistake - a Brief History of Foolishness

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Posted by Lone Deranger July 05, 1998 at 13:05:52:

In Reply to: The police is right posted by gil on July 03, 1998 at 10:30:49:

You, and many people (even the ones who actively support the trance scene) are making a GRAVE MISTAKE:
Police actions at parties USED TO BE (94-95) effective in preventing drug dealing and capturing drug dealers.
This was mainly done by undercover cops and intelligence, and prosecution always had hard evidence against the dealers.
Parties were NOT stopped since this simply tipped off the dealers that weren't caught yet.

What happened as a result is that the original lot of drug dealers stopped coming to parties, and went to schools, beepers, and other techniques.
The only people who brought drugs to a party were users (and unlike 100 trips, 1-2 trips are easy to hide and hard to find - unless you allow the police more liberty than what they currently have in JAILS).

Police went crazy!!!
Were are the dealers hiding?
We KNOW these are "drug parties".
How can they outsmart us?

So they started getting rougher and rougher. If they caught grass, they called it a victory (so people started using more trips - easier to hide, no smell, and not detectable by urine tests).
When they didn't catch grass, they tried income tax raids on the mineral-water stands, miliraty police taking urine samples from soldiers, searched inside assholes, ambushes of armed soldiers with boats from the dead sea, you name it.
The less they caught - the more paranoid they became.
Meanwhile - they started stopping parties in the excuse that "it's very hard to catch drug dealers. We can't - therefore it's impossible" and managed to convince bagatz, press, etc. that these parties should be stopped (now their extending this logic to the Achziv Reggae festival as well. Sara'le Sharon is next on the list).
So it became really hard to get a party authorized and lots of money was needed (to pay for cops, metal detectors, security, etc.) and then - either you had lots of money and friends in the police (to make sure they don't cancel at the last minute and make you lose a lot of money), or you were an "outlaw" (and now, with the "peace process" it's going to get worse - everyone whose not doing a 3 hour party with 1 cop for every 5 people will be a "certified drug dealer" as opposed to "official trance culture").
You can already see underground parties that get raided by hooligans who rob the mineral water stand or threaten the people at the gate with knives.
Unauthorized party organizers would never call the police - they themselves are branded "criminals" - so the next step is mafia protection.
As for stopping drug dealers by closing down the place where they operate - how about closing down schools?
Worked great in Gaza ;-)

So don't give me this shit about "police doing their job" it's about time they STARTED doing it. They know how. They USED to do it right (94-95).

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