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Posted by Rotem Mor on July 06, 1998 at 19:48:49:

An observation of the paterns in police handling of the
drug situation can teach us plenty about the world(and particularily country)
in which we live . Firstly , as discussed before the police are
very skillfull about using the public's ignorence about drugs
to their advantage . How many times do we see the title "drugs"(in the papers) without further explenation
when police catch "dealers"? Further reading usualy leads to that discovery that
almost always these "potent" drugs caught are mariujana or lighter psychodelics.
what does this mean?
well , firstly it shows that the REAL dangerous drugs
are not bein' seized by the police. These drugs , which
are extemly addictive and destructive are NOT being controled by
policeman . And their dealers , usualy dangerous criminals are working
freely , hardly ever being caught.
I do not know the figures , but i am assuming that for a big time dealer/crook it is
a much more profitable buisness bringing these destructive drugs and dealing them(because they
are extreemly addictive and not as easly made by amateurs) .
so what ARE the police doing?
They are catching the minor dealers(often kids) dealing harmless substences
in order to make headlines . These kids are hardly profesionals , and are being
caught at private paries with (reletively) small amounts of drugs.
They go after these kids because it is an easy catch , and so
they can grab many headlines(again relying on the steriotypes).
It's just like they do with regular crimes,
they go after the poor , defenceless , minor thugs rather then those organizing them(the ones with the
big time lawyers) .
It's clasic beat on the poor and deffensless.
so when it comes to drug management our "democracy defending"
police is chasing after the Poor , the Young and the Harmless.
rather then get the REAL dealers who deal in great amounts
of cocain or heroin.
it'll grab them (and all of us) in the ass one day..
Till the pigs come knockin',
Rotem Mor

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