Other Sources Of Psychoactive OR Non-Psychoactive THC

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Posted by Don Ragers July 23, 1998 at 13:16:55:

Regarding THC present in the Hair OR Blood OR urine.

For purposes of legal research.

Regarding client whose hair was tested positive for
THC but who swears that he did not smoke cannabis.

1: Are there sources of THC other than marijuana?
2: Is it possible that he could have consumed marijuana
without being aware of it?
NOTE: I've had it in just about every way, i.e.
various recipes etc and have never been able
to disguise the taste.
3: Is it possible that he may have consumed a non-psychoactive form of THC (tasteless?) and therefore was unaware of having consumed it?
4: Is there any way someone could "trick" you into
consuming THC (psychoactive or non-psychoactive)
without you being aware of it.

The problem is, everyone believes this client when he
says he did not smoke or otherwise consume marijuana
because he has been a "consumer" in the past (over two years ago and would like to be a "consumer" again but his current (Train Engineer) job prevents it.

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