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Posted by NegATIvE August 13, 1998 at 01:18:01:

Well, while visiting the "Alsam" site I noticed a
lovely thing (bsd the e-z way to get the sucker of the
net...But hey...All things we do are 100% legal...
right?...).. when they speak about cannabis products
as Hush,and grass, thay mention "Recently finished
reserches". well, I got curios and phoned them, mailed
them..even E-mailed them in order for them to tell me
whay reserches are they tlking about (well.....they
probably don't have any's all part of the fun)
well, what I would like to ask every humanoid who bumps
into this one....blast them with questions, make them
there are no reserches the thing is 99% safe....


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