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Posted by Rotem Mor on August 31, 1998 at 18:25:14:

well , i've been around and semi-involved in the legalize
movement for quite a while now. And i support the activity and
agenda(though seriously lacking in substance) of this organization.
But , that said i would like to know if we as an organiztion are
actualy doing something constructive to fight a growing drug eppidemic.
I have not read or undrtaken any substantial efforts.
By substantial i mean , dealing with the actual people who are battling
with drug addiction.
I understand the need for political work in order to achieve power
so that we may carry out out agenda.
i am not putting any action of that sorts down.
But if we are against the war on drugsa ,
then why arn't we partaking in actions which are against it.
(other then our pretty pathetiic attempts at rallys of sorts).
By helping the truly troublked(the junkies themselves) we will earn credibility ,
we will show that we truly care , and most of all we will be maaking a REAL diffrence.
we will also gain the support of those we are helping ,
the ones who matter in the issue of drug agendas.
I would be very interested in forming a needle program,
along with my conterparts in the legalize organization.
it may be more work , but a program aimed at he people and
helping them with our actions is alot more effective(not to mention morally correct)
then simply talk , and more talk.
i will be happy if i could get a proper response to this(nimrod...?)
but till then,
Rotem Mor

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