I agree. People should get more involved. ust do it.

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Posted by Nimrod on September 02, 1998 at 14:26:29:

In Reply to: We failed, New action plan suggested. posted by Unknown Soulja on September 01, 1998 at 14:52:50:

: And i must say, Rotem is right, This isnt working.
Sorry if for the past 3 months (since the Bagatz)
we had money problems, and 2 of the key people
(Hanan and me) had personal problems, so nothing
much was happening.
I hope that within a month or 2 thngs will get
bck to ormal.

: Legalize + other organizations are thinking of running to the knesset
Legalize is NOT RUNNING for Knesset.
We support "Aleh Yarok" (the party for drug reform),
but we believe that our goal is to educate the public
and help war victims.

: To my humble opinion, the past year was a disaster for legalize, The only thing legalize did was
: having a small rallies here and there which was consisted of somthing around 200 peoples.
Just count the number of articles in major papers that
start saying "war on drugs is a mistake" (e.g. Yediot article about 100 years of Heroin).
Even the fashion of articles about trance started after we
were distributing flyers and bombarding papers and Knesset members
for 9 months. Articles that don't write about us, but write
our views are an achievment, because the public is
getting used to the ideas.

Also, now when someone gets caught with he joint they
have a phone to call and a lawyer to talk to.
So I don't think we're a total failure.

: Those rallies didnt do any help, execpt rasing a fairly small amount of money.
Maybe we're not good at raising money. Anyone wants to help?
It's easy. You can donate at any post office:
(םימס יקזנ םוצמיצל התומעה) 8-83411-0 'סמ ןובשחב ראודה קנבב ףסכ ודיקפה

: The situation will not change by itself,
: We cant win the drug war by sitting home, Publishing a new article on the web page every few weeks
: and having a rally once in a while.
: To win we have to stay active, not just once in a while but all the time.
: Being numb will get us nowhere.
We're trying to do our best, but we're only human.

You can help us in many ways:
- Write to newspapers (like Yoske suggested)
- Organize a stand at a shopping mall or festival
- Use your connections in order to got us to a talk show
- Help us in research for legal and medical stuff we publish
- Start your own needle exchange program (it's harder than you think, but possible)
- Give us 20 shekels or buy the books we sell
- etc.

Just do it.

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