A crossroads ,where does this organization(?) stand?

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Posted by Rotem Mor on September 15, 1998 at 19:23:35:

I would like at this point , after the managemant of legalize
israel have finished patting themselves on the back to pass
forth some criticism of the organization(for a change).
I don't know what the local chapter of legalize was opened for ,
but it seems that not much would be the correct answer.
It seems we are more concerned with getting our name ocasionaly in the
news paper and bein' known as a 'sababa' group a guys supporting trance and all
then being any kinda an organization fighting a destructive global(and vastly local)
phenomenon . We are doing no local work with people ,
but rather preaching to the already converted on this website and various(small...)
get togethers. The legalize organization is letting us , the "avarage" memmbers
to participate in minor , insugnificant events.
often , we are not even made aware of activities or events(in case we might wanna
take part chas ve chalila) . It seems legalize isa contempt with being a small
insugnificant , organization contempt in grabbing some
samll ass headline at back of newspapers.
It strikes me funny , that even when we do come up with some ideas ,
and sugestions they are most oftenly given the "go do it u'rself" type of
aproach. In addition , we are doing as little as possible of letting people of this organization(no
one REALY knows who the fuck we are) .
More importantly and severe , we let very few people know
of a drug epidemic (which recieves shit treatment by the authorities)that
will one day put their children in some serious danger.
Rather then point fingers and blame the whole fuckin' world , we should be out there doing
more then the paltry shit we are doing.
i mean , if an organiztion designed to deal with this
problem cares so damn little then who is to care?
The brutaly ignorent public?
If u have an answer to this , please let me
but till then ,
Rotem Mor

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