Its a capitalist world afterall

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Posted by Unknown Soulja on September 24, 1998 at 18:47:25:

In Reply to: step by step posted by Jekyll on September 18, 1998 at 16:03:28:

: first of all if you're gonna have a demostration,
:you have to gather people and alot of'em..
:to do that you should advertise in big news papers...
:get the press to cover the activities..
:and get famous among teens.
:i'm sure alot of'em will come if they'll just
:know there is a demostration somewhere....

Thats not that easy,
unlike the likud, the avoda or dor shalom,
we dont have the money to advertise, not in big nor small newspapers; heck we
dont even have the money to print leaflets.

as to press coverage,
the press is motivated by ratings,
and it appears that we dont draw much of that (since we're broke, people of doesnt know we exist).
plus the media has an obligation to their advertisers and now,
who would advertise in a paper or a tv station that supports legalization?.

Someone once said freedom of speech is just like money
some people just have it more then others.

Unknown Soulja

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