The Stilla conspiracy (party killers)

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Posted by Zooly October 10, 1998 at 18:18:09:

Hallo people!
Now, that we all had chilled out and had a decent sleep after the amazing Love Parade, it's time for another amuzing story about the police stupidity and the war on some drugs in general.
as I was walking, hopping, raving and blasting from joy and hapinnes in the alternative reality that happend on Dizzengof street, I found my self passing a police barrier. the police *should* have been there, off course. such a mass of celebrating tax payers deserves the protection and security everywhere in the world, not to mention this little neurotic place under the sun. The bad guys, you know, can be everywhere (although it was remarkably peacefull event, as you probably noticed.)
Well,I'm passing the barrier happy, jumpy and carefree (I had nothing illegal on me, or I wouldn't pass by a police barrier, I may be a pot head, but I'm not an idiot), when the police officer, who probably was bored as hell and had a problem with my smile and the good vibe, says: "Hey, you, open your pouch!". nudnik. Well, I had nothing to hide, and although I don't think that its anybodys bizness what is in my pouch and pockets, I'm opening my pouch. one "magvnik" thats probably smokes much more then me, is taking my "Samson" tobacco in excitement, sniffing here and there and giving it to the expert (the officer) for further examination. after some sniffs of my tobacco, they are returning it to me with some strange dissapointment. I'm ready to party on, when one of the magavniks, a tough and carefull man of duty notice my "Stilla" eye drops. "he has stilla" he says happy to the officer, as if I'm going to blast my dangerus eye drops on the raving crowed. now they want to search my pockets. My vibes are falling, but I empty my pockets. they found nothing, off course, and turning very pissed for an odd reason. "Are you before or after" asks the clever officer. "Not your fucking busyness" - I want to say, but still manage to smile and keep my good altitude I'm asking: "Well, have I done any thing wrong?, am I a danger to the public? can I go and have fun in my free country? what do you want from me?". "nothing", says the officer and watch me with a noticeable dissapointment as I'm trying to get back with the party. God, they really wanted to nail me, did'nt they?.
their are some lessons that I learned from that situation. the first is that holding a "Stilla" and rolling tobacco is a cause for search in this country. the second is that our friendly police forces dont want to protect me (or you, for that matter), they want to nail me (or you, for that matter). the third is that it's not a war on drugs, it's a war on people. they don't like people like me (or you, etc...) that they are supposed to protect and serve. they have that twisted and sick joy from ruining other people fun.
the "Lve parade" was probably full with drugs, but who cares. it was an event with 80 thousands (!!!) of raving people, men, women, adults, teen agers, ashkenazim and mizrahiim, gays and straits that went on with (almost) no violence at all, but in good vibes, love and peace. the police, so it seems, didn't like it. they wanted to brake some bones.
think about it.

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