"Shotrim" - the real story

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Posted by Unknown Soulja on October 15, 1998 at 04:52:40:

In Reply to: The Stilla conspiracy (party killers) posted by Zooly on October 10, 1998 at 18:18:09:

: their are some lessons that I learned from that situation. the first is that holding a "Stilla" and rolling tobacco is a cause for search in this country. the second is that our friendly police forces dont want to protect me (or you, for that matter), they want to nail me (or you, for that matter). the third is that it's not a war on drugs, it's a war on people. they don't like people like me (or you, etc...) that they are supposed to protect and serve. they have that twisted and sick joy from ruining other people fun.
: the "Lve parade" was probably full with drugs, but who cares. it was an event with 80 thousands (!!!) of raving people, men, women, adults, teen agers, ashkenazim and mizrahiim, gays and straits that went on with (almost) no violence at all, but in good vibes, love and peace. the police, so it seems, didn't like it. they wanted to brake some bones.
: think about it.
: peace.
: Zooly.

As interesting as your story is, it comes to me with no surprise.
As much as i like to attack our fellow americans,
when it comes to the police, ours is much more dangerous then theirs.
Ever since i remeber myself (Which is not THAT much) I've known the police as a brute
force who was (and still is) a major threat to freedom
By looking at the incident mention above or just by watching "shotrim" the new channel 2
series you can see that the police, which is supposed to protect the country from it's enemies within
has come to be one of the country's biggest, worst enemy.
Instead of doing their job and eliminating problems which put a threat to
the common wealth, they pretend to do their jobs
by harrassing the small, non-harming people.
weather its launching a 10 police cars and a helicopter persuit (who do you think pays for it?)
on a teenager pulled a finger on a cop or arrested someone with a few grams of pot
all those are sure much easier then actually arresting criminals who hurts the public
(have you ever heard of someone who's car got stolen and yet the thief got caught?).

fraustrated by their incapacity to do thier jobs, they
try and nail the small people who does not harm to the public.
So just remeber, next time you see a cop in the street, he's not
looking to protect you, he's looking to nail you. and as "zooly" said,
Its not a war on drugs, its a war on PERSONAL FREEDOM!.
1984? its right here.
The best way to win the war is to know your rights.
from my personal experience i've learned that cop's biggest nightmare is
a person who knows what the police is allowed to do and what they dont.
Simply stating my rights to the ears of a cop often got me out of troubles.

So, if you had enough like me, take action now
before its too late

"Your anger is a gift",
Unknown Soulja

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