Marijuana, the Healing Herb - Art Show!

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Posted by Jean Hanamoto on December 09, 1998 at 01:07:28:

Hello there!

Wanted to show off my stuff! The
show is going to be up indefinitely
in downtown Santa Cruz, California,
USA. Got it on a homepage now, too,
Get a free bud picture! It's scrumptious!!
The article is pretty long . . . sorry!

San Jose Mercury News : November 18, 1998 : South County
"Pot Shots"

Morgan Hill artist calls work “real photoism”

By Dale Rodebaugh
Mercury News Staff Writer

If a photograph is reality and a painting a figment of the imagination, a
viewer might wonder what to call a work of art that seems to combine the

Painter / photographer Jean Hanamoto offers an answer in an exhibition of
computer-manipulated photographs of marijuana plants that simulate
soothing pastel watercolors, bold oils and evocative pen-and-pencil sketches.
The Morgan Hill artist’s show opens Friday in Santa Cruz.

“Some painters practice photo realism. I do real photoism,” said Hanamoto,
laughing at the word she’s coined.

Hanamoto was struck by the beauty of the plants grown by members of
a medicinal marijuana cooperative that supports 200 members who use
cannabis to treat, among other things, cancer, AIDS, multiple scleroses and
epilepsy. Hanamoto’s husband, George, who was diagnosed with glaucoma,
uses the plant to relieve pressure on his eyes.

“The cooperative, Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana, is the only legal
medicinal marijuana garden in California. We don’t buy and sell, but grow and
give,” Hanamoto said of the small plot of about 60 marijuana plants tucked
away in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

The marijuana plant, Hanamoto said, “is a graceful and beautiful hero. In all
its different stages - leaf, bud and harvest - it’s a joy to the artist in me.”

Hanamoto, who acquired a computer a couple of years ago to make prints
of her watercolors, got carried away. Now, she’s so taken with computerized
enhancement of photos that she’s not sure she’ll return to the brush and

“Some friends say, ‘It’s just computer stuff,’ but it isn’t. It’s not
automatic like pushing a button. It’s the same personal kind of work I was
but only
now I use a mouse instead of a brush. I work right down to the pixel level,”
Hanamoto said.

She spent 50 to 60 hours creating a marijuana plant Christmas tree
decorated with cancer awareness pins, AIDS ribbons, remembrance wreaths
and spheres that depict members of WAMM. All the details were created by

Hanamoto, 51, whose lifelong love of art didn’t express itself until she
took up painting 13 years ago while studying for an associate’s degree at
College, has been making up for lost time ever since. She had spent her early
years around Redwood City, married young, divorced and raised two children

She was one of the founding members of the Gavilan Hills Art Association
in 1991. Last year, Hanamoto won second- and third-place ribbons in the club’s
annual art show, “The Local Essence.” One was a watercolor depicting a garden
of healing herbs, the other, a computer-maniputated photo of a friend with

Computer art allows Hanamoto to indulge another long-held interest -
photography. “I’ve always loved photography, but I was never good enough to
compete as
such. Now, I can take back all those little errors and make a perfect work,”
Hanamoto said.

Exhibition starts Friday, Nov. 20, 1998, at Eclectix, an art/gift shop at
1319 Pacific Ave. in Santa Cruz, CA, and has been held over indefinately. It can
be seen at
Get a FREE Marijuana bud creation by the artist!

Jean Hanamoto
Artworks Frame & Gallery
60 E. San Martin Ave. P.O.Box 925
San Martin, CA 95046

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