Re: Stop trying to buy and sell drugs here!

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Posted by Rotem Mor February 15, 1999 at 01:34:05:

In Reply to: Stop trying to buy and sell drugs here! posted by Nimrod on February 14, 1999 at 15:09:33:

: I'm not going to play "Kidergarten Cop" with you all.
: You'd better understand WHY you shouldn't ask where to
: buy ganja/seeds/whatever in ISrael/UK/etc.

: This is stupid for 3 reasons:
: 1) This is illegal activity, and if I believed you
: had any chance in ACIEVING anything illegal this way
: (see reasons 2 and 3), I'd actually take the time to
: delete your posts.
: Legalize!-Israel is an "Amuta" for CHANGING the law -
: not BREAKING it. If you don't undersand the difference,
: this place is NOT FOR YOU!

: 2) Nobody in his right mind would answer you.
: How do they know you're not un undercover cop?

: 3) You're exposing yourselves as law-breakers
: (and don't assume cops aren't visiting this board).

i got to be thinkin' that if there was
any serious conversation on this thing then
mybe the stupid potheads wouldn't be writin' this shit.
or if there was any action bein' taken...
but hey ,
life's tough.
Rotem Mor

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