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Posted by Nimrod on February 20, 1999 at 13:09:39:

In Reply to: Re: Stop trying to buy and sell drugs here! posted by Rotem Mor on February 15, 1999 at 01:34:05:

: i got to be thinkin' that if there was
: any serious conversation on this thing then
: mybe the stupid potheads wouldn't be writin' this shit.
Well, what's keeping you from discussing serious things here?
Even better. You can do that in Herbrew!

For those who didn't notice: in the Bracha Goleshet drug archive
there's a link to a Hebrew forum.
Soon we'll have a similar thing for legalize.
The Bracha archive contains lots of interesting reviews
of interesting drug-related sites (+ links of course)
and there's a new one each week (published the evening
before "anashim" magazine gets to the news stands.
: or if there was any action bein' taken...
: but hey , life's tough.
Bracha's archive is just ONE example of action
that COULD be taken by people who HAD the time
to invest in such an operation.

A lot of effort by our more active volunteers
also goes to the "ale-yarok" campaign.
http://ale-yarok.org.il didin't appear out of thin air.
(neither did http://listen.to/giraffes right, Abu-Aeresh? ;-)
There also cop sounds for you to download and mix into tracks.

So, bottom line:
you wanna talk seriously?
has a link to a hebrew forum and lots of stuff to
talk about.

you wanna DO something?
need your help.

Just do it!
(and stop bitching that people who Do - don't do ENOUGH)

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