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Posted by Tim March 05, 1999 at 23:06:06:

In Reply to: We Live In A Free World posted by Rotem Mor on July 06, 1998 at 19:48:49:

Right on man! you make a great point the police
love to make themselves look good but busting
people who do no harm to others. If people were
educated about drugs and which ones were causing
real problems then us innocent pot smokers could
relax and not have to worry about having our
lives messed up oven a harmless drug. even people
who done us drugs are obviously effected by the
inability of the police to control crime. their
freedom to choose what is right for themselves
has already been taken away by the drug laws.
the government treats us like we are children.
they basically use drug laws to control people and
as an excuse to search anyone for "suspicious
activity" many people who dont use drugs think
it this doesnt involve them and go with the theory
that if their not doing anything illigal nothing
will happen to them. i dont believe this to be
true at all i think the if we allow the government
to take away our rights they will continue until
they have absolute power. this is a slow process
but there are many very obvious signs of it
occuring already. people need to get smart and
take this country back.

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