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Posted by ldc March 22, 1999 at 04:58:06:

People, please! I don't know who you all are and I don't where you've been or what you do, but can you all not see the harm of doing any kind of drug is? I'm sure most of you have already have the "harm of drugs" crammed down your throats, so I won't elaborate on that. Are you all so selfish that you will do harm to your own bodies in order to escape your problems or to simply escape the monotony of your daily lives? Please! I'm not just saying this to get my two cents in, but for all/most of you! Everyone has strength within them to see ANYTHING and EVERYHTING through, you all just have to bring it out, somehow, someway.
Please, PLEASE! If you happen to be addicted to any kind of drug, draw up all the willpower and courage within you and admit that you are actually addicted and get help. Please, save yourselves. You see, I've had family members die because of their drug habits. Please! I beg you all.
I don't know who any of you are, but you all have a friend in me. I care and I will try to help you in every way I know how.
Unfortunately, as of the moment, I do not have an e-mail address. If you would like to reply or question my message, you'll have to post a followup/message to ldc. I respect the opinion of all. (I expect a lot of negative responses, but if I have been of service to at least one person, please let me know by a followup/message to ldc.
Thanks for your time, as I know this is a long message, and if you have actually read it to the end, I thank you.

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