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Posted by ldc March 22, 1999 at 05:11:50:

In Reply to: Re: Fighting Drug COPS posted by mike on December 26, 1998 at 04:26:47:

: : Your slogan regarding fighting the drug fighting is very surprising. Assuming your goal is to legalise the so called soft drugs you are hurting your cause by advocating fighting the drug fighters. The impression you leave is that the real cause is legalising use and sale of all drugs which in most people's eyes is deplorable. The greatest risk of legalising some drugs is sending a message that using drugs in general is OK, and judging by your slogan we indeed need to be very cautious. You therefore convinced me that it is wrong to legalise use and sale of ANY drugs, be them hard or soft.

: SO your saying that since the slogan does not meet with your approval that you won't join the campaign...The fact about drugs is that many more people die from taking legally prescribed drugs in the proper dosage than from illegal drugs...the fact is that going to jail destroys your life more so than getting high. More deaths occur from occasional alchol use than from POT...but the booze companies and pharmo labs and doctors have swell slogans so your with them....Is that how it is...

:Perhaps, "mike", in your opinion, going to jail destroys your life more than getting high, however, consider the long term consequences of continously getting high. Not so great, are they? As for the message of Ailon Michaely, I, however, am in total agreement with you. When one is trying to decide whether or not to join a certain cause, one must not base their decision on the effectiveness of the slogan. One must look into it deeply and then base their decision on the deepness of their feelings about it along with their principles.

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