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Posted by kosh March 29, 1999 at 18:38:32:

In Reply to: my dern opinion of all this. posted by ldc on March 22, 1999 at 06:06:51:

gotta answer that.
there's nothing wrong about doing something for
your own interest,as long as you don't hurt
anyone else, and can even help others on the way.
i didn't hear of anyone fighting for MY needs -
not regarding my smoking or anything else for that
matter. prey tell me - what did our 120 "chosen
ones" did for ANYONE besides their own ass?
"ale yarok" will, hopefully, get one mandat in the
knesset - and this single mandat - one of 120,
will be the only mandat to fight this fight, which
is a legitimate fight.
so, o.k. - our representative/s will not focus their
efforts on peace in the middle east but they will
be the ONLY ONES to attempt solving this specific
problem, because nobody else gives a shit.
and mind you - i'm in my 30's, i'm a parent, i have
a respectable job and an academic degree. sometimes
i need to unwind and have a nice time for myself, relax and
just enjoy life in a HARMLESS manner. why should the
system force me to drink alcohol, which i hate, and
won't allow me to have a single joint now and then?
why should i be forced to meet with "pooshers" of
the worst kind and go to god forsaken places to get
it and rub my shoulders with the criminal world?
why should i even be in a situation where i'm exposed
to heroin and stuff when all i want is a joint?
why made the connection between these things? i've
never had/ never will anything to do with heroin
or people who use it. i'm just a respectable member
of society who sometimes want to relax late at night.
that's all.
sorry for the lenght.
haven't relaxed in quite a while...

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