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Posted by CLCIA on March 30, 1999 at 22:23:34:

Just want to say a big 'well done' to Boaz and everybody concerned, at getting your party registered.

We have just regiestered the Legalise Cannabis Alliance in the UK:


Below is the policy of the Legalise Cannabis Alliance.

The Manifesto and Information Document "Cannabis: Legalise and Utilise",
will be published on April 12th. It is a 32 page A4 bound document and can
be purchased for 4.00 inclusive postage (total 5 pounds sterling inclusive
for outside the UK). Please send all payment in sterling and make cheques,
PO's etc payable to "Legalise Cannabis Alliance".

Send your order and payment to LCA, c/o 63 Peacock Street, Norwich, Norfolk,

We are waiting for an ISBN number.

At the moment we are not organising membership and want to keep the Alliance
as broad-based as possible with the purpose of attracting candidates. If you
are thinking of standing for election in the UK and would like to stand
under the party name and emblem, please phone 01603 442215 and leave your
details or e-mail me at webbooks@paston.co.uk

The only requirements for candidates are that they endorse this policy and
that they are acceptable to us. Candidates will find their own nominees,
prepare and distribute their own election literature (subject to approval)
and conduct their own election campaign. We reserve the right to refuse
permission to any candidate who's other (non-cannabis) policies appear to
conflict with the spirit and / or wording of the UN Universal Declaration on
Human Rights.

Let me know what you think of this, is there anything you strongly (or even
slightly) disagree with. We have a few days left to consider last minute
changes. When the document is published we will be seeking endorsees.


We believe the use of cannabis ought to be a matter of choice and not of law.
We believe that the prohibition of cannabis is against the public interest.
We believe that the prohibition of cannabis contravenes Human Rights.
We believe that the prohibition of cannabis inhibits the use of a
beneficial resource.
We believe that the legalisation of cannabis is the most important step
that could be taken to benefit the peoples and their environment.


To hasten the full legalisation and utilisation of the cannabis plant for
the good of the peoples of this world, on a local, national and
international level.
To secure the release of all prisoners convicted only of cannabis offences
and to ensure that all criminal records for cannabis offences are expunged.
To encourage public and private research into the many beneficial uses of
cannabis including industrial, social and medical uses for the good of the
To halt all criminal prosecutions for the use of cannabis as a social or
private relaxant including its uses as a sacrament or in religious or other
To provide a voice for those in society persecuted and prosecuted for
victimless cannabis activities.


That cannabis and cannabis products should be removed from the UK Misuse
of Drugs Act, thereby being legalised.
That the possession, cultivation and use of pure cannabis and cannabis
products be free from prosecution.
That cannabis be re-introduced into our society.
That high priority be given to the cultivation of cannabis for the express
purpose of the localised production of virtually cost-free fuels through the
process of pyrolysis on cannabis biomass, and as a source of fibre and hurd.
That provision be made to enable the setting up of public establishments
where the use of cannabis is permitted.
That provision be made to enable the setting up of outlets for the legal
supply of cannabis.
That at least the same level of protection be given to the cannabis
consumer as is given to the consumers of other commodities: weights and
measures, quality etc.
That all prisoners presently held only on cannabis convictions or charges
be released from custody without delay and that all criminal records for
cannabis offences be expunged.


Decrease in general crime rate.
Easing of the drugs problem.
Increase in police and court resources to fight serious crime.
Increase in government revenue through taxation on profits.
Increase in public and social well-being, spirit, health and happiness.
Decrease in pollution.
Decrease in the price of fuel, energy and power for our homes, businesses,
factories etc.
Decrease in unemployment.

The Legalise Cannabis Alliance eagerly awaits your donations!

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