A theory about memory loss :-)

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Posted by Lone Deranger April 09, 1999 at 22:42:18:

The following is a joke. Do NOT take it seriously :-)

I was sitting with friends, and we came up with an
amazing tehory about the effects of grass on short
term memory:

Suppose ALL the human race has a memory problem,
and somehow - during the first anti-grass campaigns
in the 30s, people accepted the idea that MJ had bad
effect on memory, and due to the massive brainwashing,
they can actually REMEMBER that theory.

Since then, once in a while a scientist conducts an
experiment in order to find out that grass does NOT
affect memory.

Before he can publish the result, he forgets all about
it and just remembers vaguely that there was SOME thing
to do with grass and memory...

Oh, never mind. Forgot what I wanted to say :-)

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