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Posted by Andrew Seidenfeld on May 17, 1999 at 21:10:12:

In Reply to: Election + What's going on with Legalize posted by Nimrod on January 08, 1999 at 20:15:30:

Hi, It's Andrew here, from the United States.
I was surprised to learn about the Green Leaf Party
on CNN. How did the elections turn out?

Thanks for the news!

Andrew Seidenfeld noprob@mindspring
(please reply to my email address)

: This is a quick reply to 2 important questions
: that people keep asking here at the board, via
: eMail to us, etc.
: 1) Will Legalize do anything at the election?
: 2) What's going on with Legalize, and why nothing happens at the site, in the street, etc. ?

: Election:
: ---------
: There IS a party that plans to run for Knesset with a
: harm-reduction/partial-legalization platform:
: They will be called "ALEH YAROK", and for more details
: contact Boaz Wachtel

: Legalize - being an international non-political org -
: is not PART of "Aleh Yarok", but actively supports it.
: I (Nimrod) applied for membership in the party,
: and donated ??? shekels.
: We (Legalize) encourage you to vote for "Aleh Yarok"
: and even help it if you can.

: Legalize:
: ---------
: You are right. Nothing much has been going on in Legalize
: for the past 4 months. A combination of money shortage
: and other problems slowed us down, and the infrastructure
: also went a bit limp.
: We're doing a reorganization and trying to become a business
: operation selling the Legalize! logo on various fashion
: items, etc.
: This will take time, and if you're reading this and have
: buisness skills and resources, drop us a line at

: Bottom line:
: 1) Vote "Aleh Yarok" and if you can, offer help to
: 2) No promises about dates etc. but we're coming back BIG TIME!

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